Therapy and Counseling
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I. Orientation

Dr. Kneier's orientation is analytical and psychodynamic, focusing on the internal, often unconscious, emotional issues which fuel symptoms and behavioural reactions. He has a keen interest also in the interplay between spouses, and between parents and children. The insights from many long-term therapies have led to the development of many short-term interventions for a variety of personal, marital and family problems.

Dr. Kneier constantly finds that understanding and articulating the real story going on in our lives leads to creative and unanticipated solutions. And it is often amazing how symptoms and problems are actually trying to tell a very important part of the story. Decoding the messages contained in symptoms/problems is an important part of Dr. Kneier's approach. This leads to self-validation, insight, emotional release and creative solutions.

Many problems are related to the pain carried into adult life from childhood. Other problems arise from the challenges presented as our life story unfolds: marital conflict, changes in mid-life, serious changes in health, marital breakdown, divorce, work stress or career changes, and the post-divorce realignment (blending) of families, to mention the most common. A strong focus of Dr. Kneier's practice is helping with such challenges and transitions.

While the above represents Dr. Kneier's general orientation, he is careful to approach each individual or couple in a fresh way, tailored to each individual's unique style and personality. For Dr. Kneier, therapy is a collaborative process, which depends more on his ability to enter and understand the client's world than vice-versa.

II. General Services

In general, Dr. Kneier treats emotional problems, stress related problems, and relationship problems. Below is a list giving some idea of the services provided and the kinds of problems dealt with. Please refer to the next two sections (Child Related Services and Family Transitions and Divorce Services) for specialized services.

· Individual psychotherapy for adults, teens, children.

· Marital therapy and relationship counseling.

· Reactions to major health changes: cancer, heart attack, fatigue, etc.

  Dr. Gary Kneier in his office

· Reactions to loss (grief) and/or trauma.

· Anxiety, Depression, Low self-esteem

· Men's and women's midlife problems.

· Stress.

· Emotional problems: anger, fear, jealousy, sadness, etc.

· Consultations with parents about children and teens.

· Separation counseling, personal and re: children.

· Consultations and therapy for children's reactions to divorce.

· Recovery from divorce.

· Divorce mediation re: custody and access.

· New relationships and blended families.

· Parental alienation: children's refusal of access.

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